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Cryptoverse Token

cryptoverse token

Cryptoverse Token

Cryptoverse Token (Quid) is a reward token that operates on the Polygon blockchain network. Cryptoverse Token (Quid) is an ERC-20 compliant token that can be earned by utilising the freely available tools on and Cryptoverse Token provides a straightforward way for users to access decentralised applications and take advantage of the opportunities in the Web3 sector. Additionally, the Cryptoverse Token enables climate-positive activity through simplified mechanisms for supporting tree planting efforts globally. A one percent transaction fee on all Cryptoverse Token (Quid) transfers is automatically directed towards verified reforestation initiatives to help offset carbon emissions and support reforestation at scale.

Cryptoverse Token (Quid) Contract Address:

Why Should You Use Cryptoverse Tokens (Quid)? 

Cryptoverse Token

Free to Earn

Earn Cryptoverse Tokens (Quid) using the Free tools available at and


Access Web3

Gain access to web3 applications and take advantage of the available opportunities in the third web ecosystem.

Cryptoverse Hub Planet Impact

Planet Impact

Using Cryptoverse Tokens is the easiest way to plant trees & be climate active every day. Start Tracking your impact & tree planting.

Buy, Sell & Exchange Cryptoverse Tokens (Quid)

Cryptoverse Token (Quid) can be traded and exchanged for other cryptocurrencies using decentralized exchanges (DeFi) such as Uniswap, and MetaMask.


Businesses that accept Cryptoverse Tokens (Quid)

Quid Store
Earn Crypto & plant a tree every time you shop online
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